No promising
the moon. Nor
the Andromeda
That's our

Let's be clear. We aren't in this business just for the passion alone. We chase business wins and growth too. But we prefer to do it minus over the moon promises.  What we can assure you of though, is a no-nonsense approach to brand communication and creatives. Please read up on why we have defined ourselves the way we've done. And if you have more questions, do feel free to shout out here. 


Why are you Copy-driven?

We believe good communication should be hinged on great Copy. With us, the what you want to say comes first. Then the how you say it (Hey David, this is for ya). Copydesk is certainly not a Salvador Dali meets Picasso meets Vincent Van Gogh art studio - because we believe art/design is a means to an end and not an end in itself.


What about Client Servicing?

Tchchah. We don’t mean to offend the many talented Client Servicing professionals out there, but in a typical agency set-up, they're relegated to the role of an intermediary; to be precise, postmen in suits, running between the Client and the Agency. As we see it, clients aren't a piece of machinery to be serviced. At Copydesk, the people who work on your communication are the ones you'll be interacting with. Period. 


Are you digital savvy?

Yes. We are. For instance, this website has been built using a #nocode design platform - no programmer has worked on it, and has been developed in-house. However, we cannot indulge you with lead funnels, positioning pegs, value buckets, customer journeys and other outlandishly gibberish acronyms like CAC, CLV etc. Sorry, we choose not to play the Oracle or the Charlatan.



Memes are just vehicles of communication - interesting ones at that. And in this era of touch-screen attention spans, they manage to deliver the much needed eye-balls to brands. That's it. So, memes are a miniscule part of what we do. We choose to use them only when they make sense for the brand, and that too very judiciously.  


What are the software tools that you use?

Brains 7.1.


Your work is decent. But isn't great enough.

We don't promise you the moon on every single piece of work, or settle for the mundane. Yes, our portfolio is important to us, but not at the cost of communication and results. We detest creatives for creativity's sake; however, you-your product/service-us dynamic could get some exciting work out. Call us for a pitch maybe? 


What about Awards?

It's not that we're the Aamir Khan of the ad world. To say no to awards. But we're not an outfit that desperately seeks industry recognition either. Having said that, do you think our offbeat stance will win us the hearts and minds of professionals from within the industry - people who run these award shows and pat themselves on their backs vigorously? There's your answer. 

Thanks for dropping by. Leave a note if you're looking for Chnage. As a brand. As a start up. As a professional. Or as a potential associate. We could catch up over a cuppa. Or even better, over a mug.

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Picture Credit: Clarisse Croset