Let's just
say we chose
the red pill.
For good.

Saying yes to an established system is easy. Questioning the status quo and Saying no isn't. Chnage never is easy. And never will be. It challenges. It unsettles. It's quite like the dangling proverbial carrot, but one can't predict what's at the other end. We understand, you might have questions - valid ones that question as to why we've positioned ourselves as an Unagency. We've answered some of 'em below. Please read up and if you do have more, feel free to shout out here


Why do you call yourselves an Unagency?

We believe that the typical agency set up needs a complete overhaul - on philosophies, processes and priorities. We're concerned that the Agency business has stopped being a people and ideas oriented one and the system  (aka matrix) has taken over. The Unagency philosophy is a no-holds- barred approach to chop off the many negatives inherent in the agency system - thereby move it away from being a logistics business. Hence Copydesk.


Services you deliver?

For the records, we do have a laundry list. From Brand Identity design to films to commissioned photography to print ads to collaterals to social media, we can add our 2 dollars of worth across the chain. Mind you, not 2 cents. Let's just say if you have a marketing / branding / communication project, we can begin rolling up our sleeves right away.


Work with startups? Up for sweat equity?

Most definitely. In fact, we prefer to work with startups versus established brands or clients with 25-seater conference rooms; because we're at home with smaller teams than committees. To be blunt, we’re a wee bit allergic to consensus advertising. Sweat equity you ask? Well, it depends. If we see potential for the product / service you are working on, we certainly would be interested (we certainly want to move away from menu cards asap). Get in touch, please.


What about the high volume - low resources dichotomy?

For now, we have a small, informal yet committed team that works predominantly remote. But, we can scale up if need be. Asap. However we definitely don't believe in the popular adage Ten heads is better than one. We work smarter and avoid throwing people at creative output and productivity problems.


We need someone specialised in the XYZ Vertical.

At Copydesk, we choose to ply the trade, rather than amble along with the tricks of the trade and other specialisation blah blah. We understand Communication. Brands. Businesses. Markets. And most importantly, people. We also happen to keep our eyes, ears and minds tuned to what’s happening across industries and verticals. We think that should suffice.


Are you open to 'no-obligation' pitches?

Let's just say we aren't closed to the idea - considering that we're just about embarking on our growth curve. Ping us - we might just surprise you.


Up for remote work and challenges of various markets? 

Thanks to the pandemic, remote work is a no brainer. As far as global markets are concerned, the people we work with are exposed to communication cues in the US of A, Middle East and Asia-Pac. We also believe that consumers worldwide, leaving the cultural cues alone, are pretty much informed and aware. Seduce them and give them true value. Period. 


What's this red pill thingy all about?

Thanks for dropping by. Nice knowing you.

Thanks for dropping by. Leave a note if you're looking for Chnage. As a brand. As a start up. As a professional. Or as a potential associate. We could catch up over a cuppa. Or even better, over a mug.

Get in touch.

Picture Credit: Tim Johnson