Greater Good


Good ideas.
Great ones.
And then there
are the ones for
greater good.

Bring us a cause. Any cause, that you or your organisation believes in. And we shall deliver an idea to overcome your problem - not just through communication campaigns; but by actively working with you on offbeat ideas for fundraising, awareness and grass-roots level bias shifts. Because, if we have to solve the many problems challenging us now, we only have ideas to confront them with. Reach us here.  


Why are causes important to Copydesk?

In a world like ours, the inherent challenges for greater good are many - poverty, literacy, health, nature conservation, pollution. The list is endless. There are many who're working out there to mitigate these challenges, raise funds and induce positive change. Ideas and Communications being the cornerstone of these campaigns, we would like to pitch in. Hence.


Any specific cause that you fancy?

We are cause-agnostic; from child literacy to enhancing lives of senior citizens, we like to solve the myriad problems facing our society with communication, ideas and products. Hey, push us a bit and we probably might pull up our sleeves and work on a campaign against consumerism, the very nucleus of our business.


How will the commercials work?

We have a #HeartsInTheRightPlace model for NGOs, non-profit organisations and other foundations that work towards a social cause. We can work around the commercial limitations that you might have. Ping us and we can explore how to work together. After all, we ideate for a livelihood, and we might get around the problem with an idea. We just might.


What's in it for you?

To be honest, we aren't just a bunch of bleeding hearts. Working on a genuine cause that might change the lives of people is definitely a take-home benefit; but it also plays the role of a perfect antidote to selling sugared water and fossil fuel lifestyles. Having said that, we can definitely do with the exposure that will help a small-ish outfit like us grow. As we see it, it's a win-win.


Won't we be down on your priority list?

No. In fact, you might be up there on our list. Because one, we aren’t a growth at all costs outfit. Our belief in our approach doesn’t stop at ppt / keynote presentations. Two, great ideas are showcased with large hearts. Not fat invoices. And three, let's just say we go by our words – literally and philosophically at Copydesk.

Thanks for dropping by. Leave a note if you're looking for Chnage. As a brand. As a start up. As a professional. Or as a potential associate. We could catch up over a cuppa. Or even better, over a mug.

Get in touch.

Picture Credit: Zac Ong