Trash the cliches



No chaotic 90-slider decks presented by suits with fancy desigs. No shallow B-school gyaan. No barrage of unwarranted jargons. No convoluted market research insights. No indecipherable customer journey spreadsheets. No unkempt hair and ponytail creative stereotypes. No glorifying bar napkin scribbles. No awards for chest thumping stuff. No tossing ideas across the table. No promising the stars; or the moon. No we aren’t happy with the ideas yet excuses. And no screw ups on timelines.

We’re just interesting people - who say no to the ad industry cliches and yes to ideas that work. After all, good advertising and brand communication is a dynamic interplay between just two variables.

What to say. And how to say it.


Ideators. Communicators. And do-gooders.

The Desk.

Copywriters. Designers.
A generous dash of the long-forgotten Keep it Simple Stupid potion. And an oldschool-ish scrap the time sheet and billables for a good idea approach to work. At Copydesk, it's a love/hate relationship with advertising and brand communications; we hate all that’s senseless about the business, but love the business nevertheless.


We are copy-driven. Unpologetically. Having said that, we don’t shy away from the artsy stuff  - that have all the communication boxes checked and aren't creative for the sake of being creative. We’re medium-agnostic, a wee bit sceptical of mumbo-jumbo research and believe that Client Servicing is mostly a redundant function, as it plays out. Call us an Unagency, if you will.

Greater good.

We’re suckers for a cause. Any good cause. Inspire us a bit, and we might even campaign against consumerism. Do shout out if your NGO / Philanthropy / CauseIBelieveIn project needs insightful ideas, incisive communication and simple, sophisticated designs. We might do it just for the credits and two rounds of craft beer; that too, with a song on our lips.

Brass tacks?

We believe we belong somewhere between the neighborhood delis and the hypermarkets of the Brand Communication industry. Copydesk may be small in size, but not on ideas and quality of work. We're good with Print, Films, Digital, Outdoor and Radio; and open to retainer, a la carte and equity models of engagement.

We want consumers to say 'That's a hell of a product' instead of 'That's a hell of an ad'.

- Leo Burnett

The trouble with market research is that people don't think what they feel, they don't say what they think and they don't do what they say.

- David Ogilvy

Most ideas are a bit scary, and if an idea isn't scary, it isn't an idea at all.

- Lee Clow

No too many cooks.

We have a loose-knit team that works remote; plus we work with freelance talent. Across timezones. We cherry-pick the precise creative and strategic resources, based on our engagement and the briefs at hand. Your go to guy at Copydesk is Ram. Engineer. 25 odd years across Advertising, Brand and Direct Marketing Communication, UI/UX spaces and Entrepreneurship. Of course, Copy guy. Keen listener. No bullshit problem solver. Believes in Keep it simple, stupid.

Thanks for dropping by. Leave a note if you're looking for Chnage. As a brand. As a start up. As a professional. Or as a potential associate. We could catch up over a cuppa. Or even better, over a mug.

Get in touch.

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